Countertop Refinishing & StoneFlecksTM Finishes

The kitchen is the gathering place for today’s busy families. Countertops have a big impact on the overall appearance and value of your home. The foundation of most countertops is fine; it’s just minor surface problems (stains, burns and knife cuts) that makes them look tired and worn. Sometimes the color is dated, really dragging down the room. These ugly problems just magically “go away” with Supertubs refinishing process!

Problem areas are fixed and a completely new, easy to clean, low maintenance, semi-gloss topcoat is applied. The result is a brand-new looking kitchen with attractive, durable counters. Supertubs Stone Fleck finish is “the” perfect tool for enhancing the look of any home!


StoneFlecksTM Countertop Resurfacing

Without even touching the walls or replacing the appliances, a skilled countertop resurfacing job can make a kitchen seem larger, brighter and more comfortable. Take advantage of our different multicolor, metallic, and concrete look finishes that give the look, feel, and durability of real stone and concrete at a fraction of the cost.

Stoneflecks Dream Metallics Collection Countertop Resurfacing

Available in a wide range of colors, StoneFlecksTM Ultra provides a natural stone look to any surface. The proprietary Ultra formula lays virtually flat, eliminating the need to sand texture before topcoating and cures fast, allowing clearcoat to be applied in as little as 30 minutes.

Hawk Research Laboratories has developed the unique, trendy and inspirational Dream Metallics Collection to provide an elegant finish to our current StoneFlecks™ Ultra color designs. This unique Dream Metallics Collection comes in six beautiful modern colors; Burnished Gold, Antique Silver, Burnished Gold, Mocha Bronze, Radient Copper, and Ebony Black.

What Our Customers Are Saying…

” We bought an older home that needed some cosmetic repairs. I called Ed at Supertubs about our 50 year-old kitchen cabinets which were wood and dried out. We couldn’t afford to replace them. Ed said there was a polyurethane coating that would to the trick. We picked out the color and Ed did the rest! The finished cabinets didn’t look old and had some nice color.

Our countertops were Formica with stains and burns on them and wanted to update them. Ed to the rescue again. He used a stone fleck treatment and I now have nearly new looking countertops.

I also wanted to change the color of a porcelain sink in the bathroom. No problem for Ed. It looks like new.

Ed’s work is professional, he is punctual. He is very neat with the products he uses and respects all areas of the home he’s working on.”

— Trudy


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