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Tub Refinishing & More

Refinishing is a practical method to make tired and worn fixtures look totally revived — at a fraction of the cost of replacement. With little impact on your busy life, Supertubs will professionally prep and refinish your bathtub, tile or counter top to a new, high-gloss shine. As you can see, the result is a fixture that has amazing gloss and durability! There's little mess or downtime. You can use your fixture the next morning.

At Supertubs, customer service is our utmost priority. We guarantee our customers top quality service including warranty. In fact, our “Customer Bill of Rights” defines the way we treat every valued customer.

Customer Bill of Rights
Tub Refinishing & More

The Refinishing Process


Before refinishing, any required repairs to the porcelain or fiberglass are made. This includes cracks, dents, and scratches. Rust is ground away with a specialized drill. Refinishing is the smart choice to deal with an outdated or damaged tub, counter top, sink or wall tile.


Thorough preparation of the surface is critical to a beautiful and lasting finished product. The surface needs to be correctly prepared so the topcoat will adhere permanently. Walls and floors are masked off to prevent damage, then primer is applied.


Finally, the topcoat is meticulously sprayed on with a professional spray gun. The skill of Supertubs craftsmen means the resulting finish will be high gloss, long lasting and free of drips or streaks. As a result of all this, we have made UGLY go away!


I have been using Supertubs on my property for two years. They refinish my 40+ year old bathtubs. I have also used them for countertop refinishing. They do impeccable work and give a warranty. They work with my schedules for move-outs and with occupied...


We are very pleased with the job that was done on our tub-to-shower conversion. We would recommend it very highly. It is very affordable and saved us from having to remodel our bathroom. The gentleman who made the conversion is very courteous...

Henry & Helen

We bought an older home that needed some cosmetic repairs. I called Ed at Supertubs about our 50 year-old kitchen cabinets which were wood and dried out. We couldn't afford to replace them. Ed said there was a polyurethane coating that would to the trick...


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